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Online therapy

Mín líðan offers online psychological services. Mín líðan offers online therapy sessions (in English and Icelandic) where you can talk to a psychologist face-to-face in a video session. Mín líðan also has a 10 lesson online therapy program (currently only in Icelandic) which is provided by licensed psychologists through written text.


Video sessions with a psychologist

Online therapy sessions are online video sessions where you can see and talk to your psychologist. Online sessions are just like normal on-site sessions, the only difference is that they are through the internet.

We can can help you reduce the symptoms of depression, low self-esteem, compulsion and obsession, PTSD, stress and anxiety (e.g. social anxiety, generalized anxiety, health anxiety and panic attacks). We can also help you with improving your quality of life, reducing sleep problems and dealing with personal challenges.

What's the price?

Subsidized by most Icelandic unions

The price of a 50 minute online therapy session is 19.000-20.000 kr. The number of sessions each person needs varies and is assessed and estimated in the first session.

Most Icelandic unions subsidize Mín líðan's services (learn more here). The subsidy is different for each union. In some cases the municipal social services subsidize psychological services. Some companies also subsidize therapy for their employees. Contact your union, municipal social services or workplace to get more information.


Secure and encrypted with Kara Connect

Mín líðan uses Kara Connect to provide online therapy sessions. Kara is a secure software and complies with the strictest security requirements for personal information and data about clients.

Your data is secure and Kara Connect is hosted in a secure area. All communications that take place in Kara are securely encrypted. Kara operates in accordance with Act no. 77/2000 on personal protection and handling of personal information.

How do I book an online therapy session?

Choose your psychologist

You choose one of our psychologists, who will help you improve your mental health.

Book a session

You register and fill out information about yourself. Your psychologist will contact you and offer you an appointment.

Meet your psychologist

You log in when the session is about to start and talk with your psychologist.

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  • Online therapy session take place via the internet. You communicate with a psychologist face-to-face in a video session. Online sessions are just like normal psychological interviews that the place on site, the only difference is that you communicate with your psychologist via the Internet. In online sessions you can get help with any kind of psychological problem. Mín líðan uses Kara Connect's secure software ( for online sessions.

  • A 50 minute online therapy session costs 19.000-20.000 kr, depending on the psychologist you choose.

  • Most Icelandic unions subsidize Mín líðan's services. The subsidy is different for each union. In some cases the municipal social services subsidize psychological services. Some companies also subsidize therapy for their employees.

  • Yes, everyone is welcome to book an online therapy session with Mín líðan's psychologists. Anyone with an access to a computer or smart device (with a web camera) can use online sessions.

  • You press 'Choose a psychologist' above. Then you can see a list of of Mín líðan's psychologist. You press 'Booka session' with the psychologist you choose and will be transferred to Kara Connect, he software used for the online sessions. You sign in with electronic ID and then fill out a service request. You will be offered an online session via email, which you can accept or decline.

  • It's necessary to cancel an online session on the day before the session, otherwise you will be charged for it. If canceled on the same day, half the fee for the session will be charged. A full fee is charged for no-shows. You can cancel an online seesion by sending an e-mail to or by sending an e-mail to your psychologist.

  • Before the session starts you have to fill out credit/debit card information on Kara Connect's website. Payment for the online session is deducted from the card after it ends. You can access the payment receipt on Kara connect's website.

  • In the first online therapy session you and your psychologist will discuss why you decided to seek assistance, for how long you've been feeling unwell and how it affects your daily life. At the end of the session, the treatment options available to you are introducded and you can book your next session.

  • Traditional psychotherapy usually ranges from 10-20 session, but it is very individual how many session each person needs. In the first session , it is estimated how many online sessions you will need.

  • Nobody has access to your information, except you and your psychologist. The psychologists at Mín líðan are bound by a duty of confidentiality, which means that all information you provide during therapy is confidential. However, there are exceptions to that rule, i.e. if it is believed that you or someone else around you is in danger (see details under 'Terms' in your home area at Kara Connect's website). Psychologists at Mín líðan work in accordance with the common Nordic code of conduct that applies to members of the Icelandic Psychological Association.

  • Yes. Mín líðan uses Kara Connect for online therapy sessions, which is a secure software. Kara meets very high security requirements for privacy protection regarding personal information and client data.

  • You can download the Kara Connect app (available in the Play Store or App store). It's best to use Google Chrome, except if using an iphone/ipad, then Safari is recommended.